Versatile enough to be used everywhere

Everywhere Tables possess fine lines and a refined aesthetic that complement any space. From conference tables for formal meeting areas to coffee tables or standing-height occasional tables for more informal settings, Everywhere Tables offer boundless flexibility, enabling any activity that requires an inviting and expansive (or compact) surface.


Whatever the activity

Studying, working, videoconferencing, lunching—any activity that brings people together to engage with their work or one another can be centered around an Everywhere Table. The same kit of parts can be used to create a range of tables with functionality for any need.

A rectangular Everywhere coffee table in a medium wood finish positioned before a gray Eames Sofa Compact.
A meeting room featuring black Eames Aluminum Group Chairs around Everywhere conference tables in a triangle configuration.

Wherever the setting

With solutions for any table application, Everywhere Tables help achieve a consistent look across the entire office landscape, lending a sense of cohesion and visual calm throughout the workplace.

Whatever the change

With modular and mobile Everywhere Tables, a training room can be set up or rearranged in minutes. Easy-to-use ganging hardware helps keep rows of tables looking neat.

A collaboration space anchored by four square Everywhere Tables with a light wood finish, ganged to form a large meeting table.
A collaboration space featuring gray Mirra 2 office chairs and four Everywhere Tables, ganged to form a large meeting table.

Open to moving

For tables with casters, simply release the locks on two of the four casters and move the tables from one side of the room to another, or together into groups. Tables with glides have a half-inch leveling range.

Close view of a pop-up power port integrated into the surface of a white Everywhere Table.

An electrifying experience

For integrated power access through the tabletop of an Everywhere Table, specify a surface cutout that will accommodate a Logic Grommet Mounted Power Outlet. Everywhere Tables without a cutout support a variety of surface-mounted power options including Logic Mini, Logic Vine, or HM Connect S300 electrical distributors.

Nearly limitless choices

Choose from a variety of top shapes and sizes, base styles and heights, and mobility options (including casters or glides) to create tables to meet exact specifications.

Six Everywhere Tables in a variety of top shapes, base styles, heights, and finishes.