Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Magis

Magis Cu-Clock

Three contemporary cuckoo clocks with green, orange, and white roofs.

Minimalist timepiece

A contemporary Magis Cu-Clock with a white house and green roof.

Magis Cu-Clock

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa offers a contemporary twist on tradition with his Cu-Clock for Magis. Cleverly stripping away the ornamentation, wooden gears, pendants, and chains that define the look of the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, Fukasawa left in its place clean lines, standard injection-molded ABS, and battery power. Cu-Clock is a minimalist interpretation of the traditional, ornate Black Forest cuckoo clock. A simple white house with a vibrantly colored roof provides shelter for a tiny, abstract bird that sings on the hour. The white Cu-Clock—available with a roof in white, orange, or green—will add a note of humor to any environment.

“Design means observing objectively.”

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