Products by Lambl Homburger & Meyer

Designer Florian Lambl and art director Birgitta Homburger founded Berlin-based design consultancy Lambl/Homburger in 2006. The following year the firm began a long-term relationship with Italian furniture manufacturer Mattiazzi.

In addition to providing art direction for the Mattiazzi brand, the duo of Lambl and Homburger works with product designer Tilman Meyer to round out the Mattiazzi product offering, including the addition of the Mattiazzi Facile family of tables and benches in 2016. Beyond his work with Lambl/Homburger, Meyer’s CV includes engagements with Volkswagen, Saar College of Fine Arts, and Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design.

“I learn about production methods and try to use the smallest detail for useful, innovative solutions—qualities I learned during my time at Mattiazzi.”

—Tilman Meyer