Taper Chair

What's In It For You

Product Story

Traditional leather executive chairs have never been able to achieve the same level of health benefits that performance-orientated task chairs do. Yet executives spend just as much time sitting throughout the work day as other workers. What’s more, their expectations for comfort are just as high, if not higher.

Taper is an executive chair that offers the same high-touch, high-comfort, high-performance experience that business leaders might enjoy while driving to work in a luxury automobile. It delivers an exceptional experience of comfort and performance, at a level of quality and craft that is unmistakably Geiger.

Empowering the Body

Taper’s backrest is contoured to provide Zonal Support for musculoskeletal balance. Support is concentrated in key areas to encourage people to adopt a more powerful seated posture: hips rotated forward, spine curved in a natural S-shape, chest open, shoulders back.

The shape and contour of the backrest was informed by studies conducted by Dr. Walker using his proprietary MEARS technology. Using his proprietary MEARS MEARS (Medically Engineered Active Response System) technology, Dr. Walker has studied hundreds of subjects to identify what the human body needs to be strong and comfortable.

Taper Chair

Immediate and Lasting Comfort

The suspended seat uses SuperSeat technology to create a deep seat pocket and responsive surface, improving comfort and circulation.

Taper Chair

Healthful Motion

The Taper Chair leverages state-of-the-art engineering to help it move in harmony with the human body. To counterbalance the weight of your body as you recline, the mechanism uses a pair of adjustable carbon fibre leaf springs that control resistance. Modified to perfectly align with the geometry of the Taper Chair, the tilt is easy to adjust, ensuring a smooth, balanced ride.

Taper Chair

Aesthetic Range

With a slender profile and balanced scale, the Taper Chair is inviting for a wide range of people and spaces. Its visual expression is simple and clean, and executed with the attention to detail for which Geiger is known. Every stitch is exactly where it needs to be to help the chair welcome the body and please the eye.

Design Story

Recognising the need for a high-performance ergonomic work chair in their portfolio of products, Geiger connected designer Mark Goetz – whose credits include our Goetz Sofa and Geiger’s Full Twist Chair – with Herman Miller seating innovator and PostureFit inventor Dr. Brock Walker, a former competitive skier who’s a specialist in design for human performance.

This unique collaboration resulted in a clean, simple executive chair that balances a rigorous scientific approach for supporting the human body with Geiger’s impeccable execution of clean, simple silhouettes.

By leveraging the depth of knowledge that Dr. Walker and Herman Miller researchers and engineers have accumulated over a generation of pioneering office chair design, Taper delivers an exceptional experience of comfort and performance, at a level of quality and craft that is unmistakably Geiger.