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Connection Series

Storage is an essential

Our philosophy is that products should respond to real needs rather than accepted standards, while being honest in the use of materials. This has been crucial to Herman Miller’s success since the early 1930’s, resulting in a heritage of innovative products which have become true design classics.

Herman Miller has a global capability of product and service that can be delivered at a local level – something that differentiates us from other manufacturers. The company’s expertise lies in being able to provide productive environments for organizations with complex needs.

Connection Series

Thinking beyond the box

Research led product development enables the provision of working environments that add to personal and team productivity, whilst supporting an organization growth.

To Herman Miller, storage issues go beyond steel boxes. Before we even consider the box, we ask some vital questions.

- What is being stored?
- How should it be stored?
- What combination of cabinets provides the best solution?
- How can we use the storage to enhance the office landscape?
- How can we create more options within a restricted space?

Meridian Storage

Spontaneous. Move. Be Nimble.

Bench solutions revolve around flexibility and mobility. Freedom from cubical grids and the option to sit anywhere. Bring your mobile storage with you or tuck it under recessed bench understructures. This whole new range of storage comes in numerous configurations.

Flexibility and a unique focus on individuality allows for comfort and a productive work environment.

Our flexible storage solutions can be delivered in a variety of colours and finishes. The rear of this document explains the options available to personalize your storage needs.

Tambour door units are made with non-PVC materials and come with height adjustable shelves.

Connection Series

Defined Space Solutions

Its all about you! Express yourself through the spaces you inhabit. Use freestanding storage solutions to mold your own space.

Our fixed storage solutions can be delivered in a variety of colours and finishes. The rear of this document explains the options available to personalize your storage needs.

All drawer units come with interlocking mechanism to prevent storage from tilting forward.


Share and Collaborate

Freestanding units have a double skinned construction with sound dampening pads on drawer fronts. There are internal accessories available to enable A4 filing, either side to side or front to back, and each drawer offers 100% extension.

Storage that promotes interaction and the flow of information. Rethinking the way we use the horizontal worktop.

Herman Miller is committed to designing innovative work environments with the user in mind; you. Create a space that inspires.

Connection Series

Designed to Complement

Connection series pedestals provide a different take on the standard pedestals. Mobile pedestals come with hangers for you to hang your handbag or recycling bags!

Designed to complement our furniture systems – Abak Environments and Sense – Connection series pedestals are available in a range of mobile units in two widths and two heights.

Connection Series

A Variety of Options

A variety of drawer configurations are available to suit your needs.

Connection series pedestals have a high quality constructed with fully dressed radius seams, wrap around carcass and high quality drawer runners with 100% extension on all drawers.

A variety of drawer configurations are available.

Connection Series

Simple, Convenient, Affordable

The Nanoped answers a simple need. Clean lines, neat details and an affordable price tag. Simple, convenient, and perfectly tailored to your needs and individuality.

Sit anywhere, work anywhere. Having no hierarchical layout affords you the flexibility of an unassigned working environment, Set your workspace free.

Connect with your inner self.

Connection Series

Colour Me Happy

Colour is individuality. Personalise your storage solution needs to suit the environment in which you work. It’s your space – take control and make your mark.

Free your desk. Clear your mind.