Herman Miller Collection

At Work

Herman Miller Collection designs draw people in and give them what they need to be comfortable and productive across a range of work settings.

Teaming with Life

Classic designs by Charles and Ray Eames, updated for today, reinforce a distinctive aesthetic for this dedicated team space, which hosts brainstorms, break-out sessions, and more.

Break Down the Team Dynamics

Open Connection

Intentional lighting and a semi-enclosed configuration of Bevel Sofa Group modular components set this casual meeting space apart from the office landscape at large.

Inform Your Informal Spaces

More Drama, Less Friction

The purposeful design of this meeting space, with an Axon Table in stone at its center, overcomes the friction that often results from poorly integrated meeting technology.

Dissect the Dramatic Impact

Warm Up Your Welcome

As the initial touchpoint of a brand-conscious organization, this plaza welcomes employees and guests alike with sophisticated neutrals and natural wood grain.

See How It Comes Together

Beforehand and Afterwards

Placed adjacent to a meeting space, this open perching spot—known as a landing—hosts quick, casual exchanges as people gather before and linger after scheduled meetings.

Address Your Adjacencies

Flex Appeal

Start-up culture is about more than scrappiness. Aspirational spaces nurture your ambitions. When they’re designed to provide choice and comfort, they nurture your people too.

Infuse More Flexibility

Technical Sophistication

With timeless designs updated to support today’s technology, this quintessential board room makes it easy to make a statement while you’re sharing information.

End Board Room Boredom

Fancy Meeting with You Here

The high-back Striad Lounge Chair offers a sense of enclosure for the sitter. In this configuration, the effect is amplified, creating a cove where a small team can gather in the open.

Settle into the Details

Two Settings, Various Activities

Adding comfortable lounge furnishings adjacent to meeting spaces provides a home for the short, impromptu exchanges that occur directly before or after a more formal meeting.

Extend Productivity

A Working Living Room

A mix of color, texture, and pattern, highlighted by several pieces from our ColourForm Sofa Group, comes together to support working or relaxing in this welcoming lounge landscape.

Take Up Residential

Lobby to Lounge

Punctuated by Eames Tables and Eames Wire Chairs and Stools, this serpentine Bevel Sofa Group sectional creates a functional conversation piece for this lively central plaza.

Redefine Reliable Hosting

A Place at the Table

This versatile meeting space makes a strong statement about its company's welcoming character and purpose through sophisticated furniture and finish choices.

Present a Polished Appearance

Team Idea-Building

Because the process of generating new ideas is not linear, this team setting allows people to arrange the furnishings to best support each step along the way.

Brainstorm, Prototype, Test, Repeat

Meet Up, Team Up

A configuration of Chadwick Modular Seating extends the energy of the meeting space at left, providing the teams who use it with a spot to huddle informally after meetings.

Work the Room, Inside and Out

Optimized for Ideas

Colorful and approachable, this team space provides enough choice to allow team members to fulfill their individual responsibilities while staying connected to the team.

Keep Ideas Flowing

Active Lounge

An emphasis on comfort and a beautifully coordinated aesthetic helps this public-facing plaza perform a dual role of hosting casual meetings and welcoming guests.

Connect in Comfort