Designed by George Nelson

Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair

A black leather Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

A form as comfortable as it is striking

Whimsy never sat so well

Product Details

Close view of the black leather upholstery and white plastic shell on a Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair.
A black leather Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair on an outdoor patio.

Comfort, and great freedom of movement

What kind of person thinks up a chair that looks like a piece of coconut? How about the person who came up with the Marshmallow Sofa? Both designs are the creations of George Nelson and his team. It was Nelson who said, “Total design is nothing more or less than a process of relating everything to everything.” In acting on this belief, he brought modernism to American furniture, to say nothing of fun, with designs like the Coconut Chair.

A slice of comfort that encourages movement

Design Story

Rear view of a Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair, featuring the white plastic shell and three-legged steel base.