The choice is yours

Choice is central to Sabha. Configure it in hundreds of ways, depending on your workplace culture, headcount and the flow and layout of your space. Using the central undercarriage as the foundation for seating and surfaces, Sabha addresses a multitude of different interactive settings with the same vocabulary. You can even decide the direction of the backrests, and where the movable armrests go.

A workplace lounge with a red-and-grey Sabha Collaborative two-seat sofa, coffee table, and Ode floor lamp.

Versatile building blocks

Start with soft seating and built-in surface elements, which connect into Sabha’s twin-beam, four-leg base. To build a larger cluster for a lobby or public area, add recess legs in the centre for more support. In team areas, combine Sabha’s high backrests with shareable, standing surfaces, or use the backrest to create a sense of enclosure. Expand Sabha’s versatility with its accompanying elements: ottomans, coffee tables, stools and on- and off-module armrests.

Lights, power, action

Easily and instantly power up your devices with Sabha’s built-in power sockets. Store your devices right here, too, thanks to Sabha’s built-in storage solutions. And with Sabha, lighting perfectly sets the scene for creative interaction. Its sensor-touch-enabled table and floor lamps create shared beacons where people can come together, as well as provide a sense of intimacy.

An office worker charges a device by plugging into a power outlet built into the surface between two Sabha seating modules.
A woman and man review a booklet while sitting on grey Sabha Collaborative Seating with a yellow armrest and ottoman.

Foster interaction, naturally

Incorporate Sabha’s benches and two-seaters into a setting for informal quiet time or one-on-one meetings. Sabha’s soft seating and surface options beautifully furnish places that facilitate intimate discussions and private meetings. Sabha is equally adept at furnishing spaces that promote problem-solving, set the scene for informal meetings, or give 10 or more people places to hold separate conversations.