Close-up view of a walnut bar-height Comma Stool and an oak counter-height Comma Stool.


A line drawing - Comma Stool–Bar Height

Comma Stool – Bar-height

Height: 1009 mm
Width: 488 mm
Depth: 466 mm
Seat Depth: 438 mm
Seat Height: 768 mm

A line drawing - Comma Stool–Worktop Height

Comma Stool – Counter-height

Height: 908 mm
Width: 488 mm
Depth: 466 mm
Seat Depth: 438 mm
Seat Height: 667 mm


A close-up view of Wood and Veneer Natural White Oak WHN.


Frame, seat, back

Canyon Maharam Pace Leather Swatch




A close-up detail shot of a Comma Stool where the backrest meets the frame.

Sculptural form

An oak bar-height Comma Stool, viewed from the front at an angle.

Solid wood frame


A close-up detail shot of the wood seat and backrest of a Comma Stool.

Wood seat

A close-up detail shot of the upholstered seat and wood backrest of a Comma Stool.

Seat pad

An oak counter-height Comma Stool with an upholstered seat next to an oak bar-height Comma Stool.

Bar- or counter-height

Close-up detail of a blue Comma Chair in front of a red Comma Chair.

Pops of colour

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