Designed by Studio 7.5

Setu Stool

Black Setu Stool with suspension fabric, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Painstakingly shaped and reshaped again

Setu Stool with tan upholstery, viewed from the front.

Setu Stool

The Setu stool encourages a variety of postures, keeping sitting and standing people eye to eye while supporting them with the same effortless blend of style and comfort that you would expect from Setu. Like the original Setu, it fits everyone who sits in it, making it a welcome addition everywhere it goes. Available in Lyris 2 suspension or upholstered fabrics.


Making of Setu

Designer Jeff Weber tells you how the Embody chair came to be.

Design  |  5:43

Making of Setu

From the successes to the stresses, see everything that went into designing Setu, as told by Studio 7.5.

“It’s part of our job to only design products that don’t use up too much material or too much energy.”

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