We took an early stance on standing

Herman Miller has always believed in the importance of supporting a variety of postures and encouraging healthy movement while you work. An alternative to sitting down at the desk is woven into our design history. In the 1960s both Robert Propst and George Nelson pioneered the concept of alternative working positions.

Two 90-degree Ratio height-adjustable desks, each paired with a blue Mirra 2 office chair.

Perch with poise

Propst, the creator of Action Office, the world’s first open-plan office system, designed a hybrid of a stool and chair he termed a “perch”. Nelson, who was appointed Design Director in 1947, enjoyed standing around at work and thought others might also. He designed a stand-up, rolltop desk for the Action Office line. Both designers recognised the benefits of standing whilst working, long before the term “ergonomics” was widely known or understood.