Arras Spine

Intersecting Arras Spine elements of two heights anchor a work area complemented with a red Wireframe Sofa and Eames Walnut Stool.

The backbone of collaborative workspace design

Bringing people together

Product Details

Two co-workers converse at a round table situated next to an Arras Spine.
Three colleagues discuss a project whilst seated around an Arras extension platform.

A real-world solution for the social workspace

Arras Spine meets the future head on. In exploring a new reality — of the virtual, the cloud, tablets and smartphones, reduced real estate and increased mobility — Arras Spine provides real world solutions. It responds with a renewed enthusiasm for collaboration; for socially charged workspaces where people come to exchange ideas, co-create and reconnect.

Designed to foster collaboration

Design Story

Overhead view of five co-workers seated around a rectangular table situated perpendicular to an Arras Spine.

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