Designed by Richard Holbrook


A Prospect workspace with sketches on the internal whiteboards and Prospect Stools around a Prospect Table in the centre.

Your headquarters for co-creation

Fostering creativity

A portfolio of semi-circular freestanding furniture, Prospect is an oasis for creativity featuring whiteboards, tackable surfaces and media display. An ideal setting for brainstorming, pinning and visual thinking, Prospect allows small teams and individuals to easily transition between working together and on their own.

A set of Prospect Stools around a table in a Prospect Creative Space with green acoustic fabric and sketches on the whiteboards inside.
Prospect Solo Spaces with blue acoustic fabric and white Sayl Chairs near a Prospect Creative space with Prospect Stools and inspirational materials.

Cultivating innovation

Prospect is designed to encourage impromptu collaboration and to provide a sense of privacy so that people can work together and then divide and conquer, all within an open floor plan. Fostering creativity is a priority for many organisations, but great ideas don’t always come from planned meetings in a conference room. For inspiration to strike, and for teams to develop their best ideas, they need the ability to gather, co-create solutions and break off on their own for focused work.


Unlocking the Power of Human Connection

Explore how Prospect enhances co-creation with designer Richard Holbrook.

Design story

To create Prospect, designer Richard Holbrook began by observing the most cutting-edge workplace strategies around the globe. He noticed many attempts to transform traditional conference rooms into something more to facilitate the rapid-fire ideating and problem-solving necessary for innovation.

A sketch of people around a table discussing while another person draws on a whiteboard illustrating the inspiration behind Prospect.

“Today, with so many challenging problems to solve, it seems to me that we can all certainly benefit from more creativity, more connection and better collaboration.”

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