Ambit Screen

Personal privacy

Ambit screens give you the privacy you need to focus in open office environments. Choose from a selection of materials and colours to create a beautiful look that complements a variety of styles and spaces. The screen also serves as a place to pin decorations and reminder notes Developed to easily integrate into our existing portfolio of sit-to-stand products, including Ratio. Available in multiple configurations. Part of Ambit Workspace Solutions.

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Create boundaries for focused work

Whether standing or sitting at sit-to-stand tables, Ambit screens help encourage focus and remove distractions in open environments. Features a top-mounted or edge-mounted design.

Visual versatility

Available in multiple colours, choose from fabric or metal screens to make a bold statement or blend into the workplace seamlessly. Fabric screens come in multiple configurations. Top-mounted and edge-mounted designs allow you to make every fit personal. An optional liner comes in multiple colours for an inspiring accent.


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Ambit is a thoughtful, scalable and comprehensive offering of accessories designed to support the sit-to-stand working environment.

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