Layout Studio

A linear Layout Studio work surface with a grey privacy screen and various Ubi Work Tools to aid organisation.

Conceived with the user in mind

Versatility for varied workplaces

Product Details

An open office featuring two workstation clusters with Layout Studio surfaces and storage, green screens, and green Sayl Chairs.
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Working Beautifully

See how Layout Studio's versatile design offers choice, variety, and unity.


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Layout Studio

Designed for the person, the landscape and the future

Built on a history of workplace knowledge

Design Story

Natural light flows through a conference room equipped with a Layout Studio table, credenza, and white leather chairs.

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A private office with a Layout Studio desk perpendicular to a wall of Layout Studio overhead and base storage.

Working beautifully

Our business is to help your business, whatever your size, wherever your location. We do this through design, by solving problems for people. The challenge of supporting many different working styles across cultures and countries, with form and function working beautifully together, gave rise to Layout Studio. It is an adaptable, contemporary office system made for the world.