Passport Work Table

Three Passport Work Tables shown with various accessories in a variety of heights and finishes.

A workspace for any place

Your home office. The living room. A studio bedroom. Pulled over to a comfortable office nook. Grouped together for a study session. Anywhere can be your perfect workspace with a desk that moves with you. Height-adjustable, with an intentionally compact and lightweight design, Passport is the just-right table for the moments you need it.

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Make anywhere work for you

Passport features an untethered height-adjustable design, so you can move your table wherever you need to. Its single-column base and lightweight design make it all the easier: pull it up to wherever you’re working and, just like that – an instant workspace.

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Comfort at any height

Passport’s simple, intuitive lever allows you to smoothly adjust your table for a range of heights, giving you flexibility between sitting and standing and offering comfort at any posture. With a 305 mm range for the small table and 458 mm for the large, Passport can find a spot that works in many settings.

Multiple Passport Work Tables in both small and large size with a variety of base finishes, mix of solid and woodgrain tops, and accessories.

Small footprint, big function

Passport is intentionally compact in design, large enough for the essentials and small enough for tight spaces. It’s available in two sizes, with enough surface space for a laptop, notebook and your favourite beverage. Add the optional Bag Hook or screen to make it work even harder – all without increasing the footprint.


Meet Passport

Plan your weekday getaway with the Passport Work Table from Herman Miller.


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Passport Work Table

See how this desk can move with you.

A line drawing - Passport Work Table – Large


Dimensions, materials, details, and available options that make up the Passport Work Table.

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