Welcoming and Waiting

Well-designed products help provide environments that not only welcome guests, but also keep them comfortably occupied for long periods of time.

A curved configuration of the Steps Lounge System, featuring modules of blue, light gray and beige with varying back heights.

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An interaction area featuring various Sabha Collaborative Seating elements in shades of blue.

Scale Appropriate

Our seating works equally well in centralized waiting areas or small lounge spaces. A systems approach with multiple configurations—single to three-seaters, loveseats, and integrated tables—can match the size and scale of your space.


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A healthcare sitting area featuring three Florabella Lounge Seating pieces in neutral upholstery.

Seating for Every Body

The seating in welcoming and waiting areas must welcome every shape and size of person. Our plus seating can accommodate bariatric guests and includes loveseats and adjustable capacity seating that comfort every body.

A half-circle configuration of the Steps Lounge System, featuring blue modules with varying back heights.

Material Considerations

Furniture and upholstery in waiting areas, especially in emergency departments, need to stand up to 24/7 use and be thoroughly cleanable. Our material selections include healthcare-appropriate, high-performance choices.

Expressions of Your Organization

Let your welcoming and waiting areas publicly express your commitment to customer service and healthcare delivery. And send a message about your culture—contemporary and sophisticated, with clean lines and crisp patterns; or warm and familiar, with soft, comfortable shapes and wood details. Herman Miller gives you plenty of choices.

Overhead view of back-to-back Sabha Collaborative Seating pieces with blue upholstery and an extension bench.

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