Designed with the environment in mind

The design of Arras is guided and informed by the Herman Miller Design for Environment protocol.

Easy disassembly for end-of-life management

Every component in Arras can be easily disassembled for end of life management and no components are chemically bonded. Arras does not use of PVC or any other toxic material, has verifiable recycled content exceeding 50% by weight, and is BIFMA X7.1 certified as a low emission product that meets indoor air quality standards.

Two planters aid visual privacy on an Arras Bench.
An Arras Bench with a white work surface and woodgrain privacy screens, paired with white Sayl office chairs.

Renewable material options

Rapid renewable materials like bamboo, strawboard work surfaces and EO work surfaces are all available.

Fashion forward

Arras delivers an imaginative and gorgeous palette of photogenic colours and finishes to accommodate almost every taste.

Some will gravitate to the sportswear-inspired yellow against masculine grey, others to a fabulous kaleidoscope of pink, turquoise and canopy green, and others again may insist on the pure and natural textures of bamboo set against crisp white. With fifteen fabulous colours, we can bring a smile back into the workplace.

Arras™ is designed for durability and ease of churn, carrying our comprehensive Herman Miller 12-year, 3-shift warranty.

An Arras Bench work area incorporating a pedestal, trays, and sliding binder bins in blue and red.