A workspace made for the future

Motivated by our nomadic yet socially connected lifestyle, enabled by technological advancement and inspired by our innate desire for beautiful objects, we present our irresistible take on the workspace for the future: Arras

Recessed understructure

Freedom to sit anywhere fosters the organic development of relationships; sit near someone you enjoy being with, or someone you need to learn to like a lot more.

The Arras intermediate leg structure is recessed inward 500 mm along the entire bench length, with pedestals re-adjustable to any position, providing comfortable leg room for all users.

An Arras Bench with a white top, red understructure, and red pedestal, paired with a red Eames Moulded Plastic armchair.
Two Arras Bench workstations with a white work surface, woodgrain privacy screens, and white Sayl office chairs.


Face value can be even more important than you think. We believe that a functionally exceptional bench deserves a visually compelling face.

Social extensions

We are social creatures, and the more online and other instant messaging tools we have access to, the more we crave genuine face-to-face interaction.

The Arras extension worksurface provides a sanctioned space to catch up over coffee at a convenient distance from your work area. An ideal spot for collaborative work, there is plenty of leg room, just in case a crowd gathers!

An Arras Bench equipped with green sliding binder bins and positioned before a leafy background.
Two Eames Moulded Plastic Chairs with dowel legs positioned next to an extension work surface on an Arras Bench.
A workstation featuring a black Sayl office chair and an Arras Bench with an extension platform.

No reservations required

Invite conversations to your desk by making it the hot zone for people to gather around. Free from any cumbersome understructure, Arras Float extends your personal work surface with a 500 mm x 500 mm platform — perfect for impromptu discussion and small social gatherings. Despite its petite size, the float can hold up to 120 kg concentrated weight load.

Pivoting wings provide access to the power channel on an Arras Bench.

Pivot wing access

Access to power, an essential everyday requirement, is made easier and more satisfying by thoughtful engineering that puts user experience first and above everything else.

The Arras power channel features pivoting wings that open smoothly and recede gently into a vertical pocket to remain uplifted as you wish and return to the closed position with a soft, reassuring click.

A laptop computer plugged into a power strip built into an Arras Bench.

Democratic power access

With metal segregation of power and data lines, and lay-in management of cables throughout the entire length of the bench, the Arras has generous provision for at least 160 CAT cables. It is equipped with various types of mounting plates, allowing for regional variation in power outlets, including those with the universal plug face.

For those working on nomadic schedules and accustomed to carrying various adaptors to suit a range of environments, the generous vertical clearances within the channel allow the use of almost any adaptor available worldwide.

Four Arraspeds in color combinations of aqua and white, scarlet red and white, indigo blue and white, and graphite gray and white.


The Arrasped is a clear demonstration of the language within the Arras vocabulary.

Cleverly engineered into separable painted components, designers have the freedom to colour customise the Arrasped by specifying variable colours for the body, back panel, drawer fronts and pulls. Our intelligent design can bring ‘play’ in to work where spontaneous shared moments break the monotony of long hours at the bench.

Bringing the outside inside

Nature nourishes all of our senses, and on the bench natural foliage is perfect for creating permeable privacy whilst providing a soothing visual treat. Arras planters can create a verdant garden or well trimmed hedge on the bench itself. With a moulded plastic liner to hold excess liquids, it safely and naturally enriches the workspace.

Two planters aid visual privacy on an Arras Bench.
An Arras Bench with a black work surface and contrasting orange edgeband and privacy screen.

Privacy on demand

We should not assume that everyone wants privacy, in fact, people naturally need and crave conversation with others. Arras sideblades provide flexible positioning of side screens for privacy on demand, delivering aesthetic ingenuity within a functional frame.

Our tray

When ownership is not entirely clear, we engage in social negotiation, hopefully leading to a better understanding of those we interact with.

A blue tray accessory attached to an Arras Bench supports drinking glasses.
A blue fabric privacy screen positioned along the centre of an Arras Bench.

Arras Heelblade

Arras Heelblade in knitted fabric provides homespun colour and textures providing comfort and attenuating the workplace atmosphere with reassuring softness.

Two Eames Moulded Plastic Chairs positioned next to an extension work surface on an Arras Bench.

Arras Sideblade

Arras Sideblade provides flexible positioning of side screens for privacy on demand, delivering aesthetic ingenuity within a functional frame.