Products by Daniel Korb

“The age of Leonardo da Vinci is gone,” notes designer Daniel Korb, “but still I believe a holistic view to the world is needed.” Baden, Switzerland, is the vantage point for Korb’s perspective. It’s where he was born and the place where he and his wife Susan operate Korb + Korb, which they founded in 1989.

Like many leading designers of modern office furniture, Korb started as an architect. Since then, his design expertise has broadened. Today, his creativity finds expression in architecture, communication and design. The intersection of these disciplines results in innovative ideas and, ultimately, smarter end products.

“Furniture is architecture on a different scale.”

– Daniel Korb

Korb + Korb is synonymous with simple and intuitive design. It’s this thinking that attracted the attention of Herman Miller and led to the desking system aptly named Sense. Sense is based on simple, spacious work tables. Assembling all products in the line is effortless; parts snap, twist and lock into place, no tools required.

Sense’s efficient design and European sensibilities make it a strong performer in a variety of environments. Daniel Korb and his associates – particularly senior designer Peter Taussig, who contributed to the Sense project – believe simple is better than complex. That philosophy has resulted in more than 20 national and international design awards.