OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 Workspace Collection enables agility, integrates instantly and optimises real estate. Get inspired by ideas for OE1 settings across the office, and get design resources to help you plan.

Optimise premises and integrate instantly

OE1 helps organisations optimise their premises by transforming under-utilised areas into agile, hardworking workspaces. Whether you’re using individual pieces or the entire collection, OE1 is designed to seamlessly integrate into floor common area.

Create a Collaborative Workspace

Bring people together in a setting that promotes collaboration with OE1. The furniture is inviting and flexible, empowering teams to create the environments they need, when they need them. Integrated technology makes sharing work easy, and the furniture creates spaces in which teams will be happy to gather.

Encourage Individual Focus

OE1 can create quiet spaces – with convenient, integrated power – to support focused work, studying, or reading in proximity to others. Offering semi-enclosed shelter and supporting a broad range of postures for concentrative, focused work, OE1 removes distraction from the workplace.

Enhance Education Environments

Learning happens anywhere and at any time. OE1 creates compelling places for working, studying, and engaging with peers and faculty. Design spaces for heads-down work and focused studying or utilise the products’ integrated technology to make sharing work and collaborating seamless.