Designed by Ward Bennett

Rolled Arm Sofa Group

White Rolled Arm Sofa with  wood legs, viewed from the front.

A graceful, understated silhouette

Rolled Arm Sofa Group club chair with light gray heathered upholstery and dark wood legs, viewed from the front.

Rolled Arm Sofa Group

Ward Bennett’s work has had a lasting impact on designers interested in achieving contemporary, understated luxury. His sensuous yet minimal Rolled Arm Sofa has universal appeal and can move from residential to commercial spaces with ease. Its generous, low-slung, architecturally scaled volumes and crisply mitred upholstery provide a graceful silhouette. Perched on recessed solid wood legs and produced in walnut or ash, Rolled Arm is available in three sofa sizes or as a club chair.

“I am interested in the essence, the bones, in contrast to surface ornament. With any product I ask myself, does it work? Will it last?” – Ward Bennett

“Real beauty asks to be used.”

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