Designed by Carol Catalano

Capelli Stool

Angled view of a Capelli Stool in a light wood finish.

Inspired by interlocking fingers, named after flowing tresses

Although the word 'capelli' means 'hair' in Italian, it was designer Carol Catalano’s folded hands that inspired the ingenious construction of her Capelli Stool. In much the same way that fingers intertwine, the design’s two identical plywood components lock in place, without tools or fasteners. Use Capelli as a seat or a side table, or unlock its stackable components for efficient storage when not in use.

Close-up of a light ash Capelli Stool.

Throwing Shade

Each moulded plywood piece is composed of alternating dark- and light-stained hardwood inner plies with a light ash veneer.

Detailed shot of the Capelli Stool highlighting the interlocking pieces.

Ingenuity in Adaptability

The surfaces between the stool’s interlocking 'fingers' at the top of each piece provide the stops that hold each half of the stool firmly in place when assembled.

A light ash Capelli Stool shown next to the stool's two unfolded pieces.

Simply Efficient

When disassembled, Capelli’s two halves can be stacked and stowed away efficiently. To reassemble the stool, just fit the 'fingers' back together. No tools, no fasteners, no trouble.


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Image of Capelli Designer, Carol Catalano.

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