“I aim to make a meaningful impact on the experiences of the users, choosers, and makers we endeavor to serve,” says designer Richard Holbrook. “The most fulfilling design work I’ve done results in products that function as beautifully as they look, and make a positive difference in the lives of people who use them.”

Richard Holbrook graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in 1981 with a degree in Transportation Design and went to work in Europe for PSA Peugeot Citroen. In 1985, he returned to Los Angeles and established his own studio. Working with Brown Jordan, Casablanca Fan, Dacor Appliances, Herman Miller, Thermador, Tropitone, and other industry leaders, he created a portfolio of projects diverse in scope and consistent in design excellence.

Throughout his career, Holbrook says his design philosophy and methodology have been heavily influenced by his earliest work with Herman Miller. That work began in the late 1980s and included the Ambi Chair and Levity Collection.

“Herman Miller is a company that, culturally, embraces problem-solving design. Working with independent creative partners, Herman Miller has developed a unique way of collaborating that leads to well-informed conviction and passion on the designer’s side, coupled with a demanding but respectful orchestration on the part of the corporation.”

“My intention with Prospect, at the highest level, is to give people a place where they are encouraged to contribute.”

- Richard Holbrook

His latest alliance with Herman Miller comes in the form of Prospect. It began with extensive research that included visits to leading-edge companies around the world who are pushing the frontiers of workplace strategy, and taking a deep dive into the science of collaboration and creativity at work. The result is a portfolio of freestanding furniture that allows small teams and individuals to transition easily between working independently and coming together for visual thinking and co-creation.

“My intention with Prospect, at the highest level, is to give people a place where they are encouraged to contribute, and the tools to collaborate better, to achieve more creative results.”