Bright light, less energy, full control

It’s a new day. And the energy-efficient, eco-friendly Twist LED task light lights the way leaving only a tiny carbon footprint behind. Made from minimal material, so it requires less energy to produce, Twist consumes 40 to 50 percent less energy than traditional undershelf lighting. It requires minimal packaging, so more units can be shipped at once, reducing the amount of energy—and money—needed to ship.

Super efficiency

Twist offers significant energy cost savings—an important benefit, especially in North America, where 23 percent of electrical energy is consumed for illumination. Powered by highly efficient LED chips, Twist consumes up to half the energy of other undershelf lights while producing appropriate light in any workstation and on any task.

A graph illustrating the cost savings possible with the energy-efficient Twist LED Task Light.
Light-emitting diodes in a Twist LED Task Light.

Bright value

One Twist LED task light supplies 60,000 hours, or 24 years, of light (at 10 hours per day for a five-day work week). It uses under 10 watts of energy and can contribute to LEED points.


Twist comes in one size and one color. Its magnet attachment fixture makes it easy to install and move. It has brackets for wood surfaces. Twist lights can also be daisy-chained together.

Two Twist LED Task Lights daisy-chained together.
An illustration showing a hand moving the illumination-control tab on a Twist LED Task Light into two different positions.

Full control

Lighting is an important aspect of health and comfort in the workplace. And often overlooked. One thing we know: The same lighting doesn’t work for everybody—or even for the same person at different times. The thin-profiled Twist LED task light gives you control and choice.

Twist gives you the ability to control illumination for a specific task easily, just by moving the clear, tactile tab. Being able to control lighting in your workstation can help prevent Computer Vision Syndrome, an increasingly common issue resulting from glare generated on backlit surfaces.

The Thinking Behind Twist

With all the things Twist does, it does one best—giving control to the person who uses it.


  • Twist LED task light receives Best of NeoCon Gold in Specialty Lighting category.

    Twist LED task light receives Best of NeoCon Gold in Specialty Lighting category.