Designed around the patient

Built with the same ergonomic innovations as Herman Miller’s award-winning chairs, Nala combines ergonomics and technology with the comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning you need in a patient chair. Its tilt, support, and contours all follow the movement of the human body, creating a chair that’s truly designed around the patient.

Ergonomic design

Nala’s Harmonic Tilt mimics the natural movement of the patient’s body. The chair’s back and seat move synchronously, opening up as the patient reclines and tilting around the body’s natural pivot points. Patients can rest anywhere within a 24-degree recline range. A dampening cylinder controls movement for large- or small-statured patients.

The seat and back of a mustard-colored Nala Patient Chair, viewed from the front.
Close view of the upholstered headrest on the back of a mustard-colored Nala Patient Chair.

Support and comfort

Nala’s seat-and-back suspension is a series of firm, flexible straps encased in a layer of high-density foam. The combination offers a perfect balance: responsive and even support over the entire chair surface and a soft outer layer for a comfortable sit and feel.

Ease of use

An integral handle in the chair back, as well as rear casters, can be specified to make moving the chair easier. Recline and arm pivot can be controlled from either side with either hand.

Angled view of a mustard-colored Nala Patient Chair with one arm pivoted back for easier patient access.