Designed by Brian Kane

Swoop Lounge Furniture

Gray Swoop lounge chair with an exposed wood shell, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Sit however, work wherever, rearrange whenever

Any which way people sit

Product Details

Close view of the sweeping curves on a red-upholstered Swoop lounge chair.

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Swoop Lounge Furniture

Designer Brian Kane tells you how Swoop lounge furniture came to be. 


Crafted for all the ways people sit

Design Story

Gathering space featuring Swoop Lounge Furniture, both modular seating components and lounge chairs.
Orange Swoop lounge chairs and green Swoop modular seating in a casual gathering space.

A full family of lounge furniture

The Swoop family includes plywood lounge chairs with exposed wood shells, as well as fully upholstered club chairs and modular seating components.