Designed by Michael Anastassiades

Comma Chair

An oak Comma Chair with arms, viewed from the front.

Minimalist in form with a generous spirit

The strength of Comma is in its details and proportions. Perfectly round curves and right angles offer more than a careful study in elemental geometry, they preserve a generous spirit with an open and welcoming design. Comma Chairs, available with and without arms, work well as dining chairs or as side chairs next to a variety of tables and surfaces.

An oak Comma Chair with arms, viewed from the front at an angle.

Clean design

The Comma Chair is pared down to its essential elements, geometric with circle seats and frames at right angles.

Detail shot of a Comma Chair with arms highlighting the solid frame.


A sculpted form and solid wood frame construction give a nod to expert woodworking.

A group of Comma Chairs in different colorful finishes.

Unexpected color

The beauty of natural wood is complemented with pops of color in new and vibrant stain finishes.


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“For us, it was very important that the chair had generosity in its spirit, even though it was reduced to a few elements.”

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