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In the 1940s, George Nelson was at the forefront of the trend toward modernism in design. Always delighted by and drawn to new things, Nelson foresaw the trends in the post-war American home that make his designs fit the way we live now.

A Nelson Basic Cabinet Series storage module with one shelf and sliding glass doors sits atop a Nelson Platform Bench.

We’ve become a mobile society; we no longer live and die in the house in which we were born, we don’t stay in the same community for generations. We rent apartments, buy up to bigger homes, and downsize to condos when we retire. Matched furniture suites designed to fill specific rooms don’t work very well for us anymore. What happens to those pieces when we move and they don’t fit? Nelson understood that systems of modular components were the wave of the future.

With the Basic Cabinet Series, he created a way to accommodate changing needs for storage and surfaces. The size and purpose of a room doesn’t matter. The interchangeable components allow you to create beautiful storage solutions for your big great room or your small living room. The system starts small in your small apartment and welcomes additional components if you move into larger spaces.

As with everything George Nelson designed, it’s all about the flexibility and efficiency. And the good looks, of course.

Three Nelson Basic Cabinet Series storage modules of various configurations, shown with a Nelson Platform Bench.

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