Catena Office Landscape

Enhancing agility, freedom, and flexibility for optimized workspaces

A close-up of S-Shaped Catena Office Landscape workstations integrated with gray soft seating and gray screens.

While we met the client’s needs, we knew we could improve on our initial solution. And so, after a year of research and refinement, Catena was born, presenting a new direction in partitioning systems.With a super-slim 60-mm profile and a lightweight, mobile structure, Catena’s fittings enable it to shift 90 or even 180 degrees.

The cherry on top is Catena’s wire management system. With exceptional capacity, it allows for multiple distribution channels, both horizontally and vertically, with access points anywhere and everywhere they’re needed. Plus it’s all concealed behind clean cladding, keeping usable workspace free of clutter and pesky wires.

Catena Office Landscape workstations with light wood surfaces, black panels, and two black Aeron Chairs.
A group of Catena Office Landscape workstations in a honeycomb configuration with black Aeron Chairs.

This clever backbone also acts as a freestanding power station. Place sockets wherever necessary, then plug in and power up.

Catena Office Landscape with white legs, a light wood surface, and glass add-on screens. Black Cosm chairs accompany Catena.

See Catena Office Landscape at work.

Catena’s revolutionary design facilitates workspace change. This slim, minimalist partitioning system allows for maximum configurability on minimal footprint. Learn how Catena came to life, and how it can transform office space.

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