Ambit Storage

Intelligent storage tailored for you

Organize and work the way you want to with Ambit Storage. The suspended storage option provides easy access to personal items with a fluid motion as it raises and lowers with the work surface, while the pedestal storage option nests into the shroud to create a cleaner workspace and more legroom. Ambit workspace storage solutions supports hybrid workstyles and spaces and is designed for small or transient personal items. Part of Ambit Workspace Solutions.

Height- adjustable workspace with light blue Ambit Screens and white Ambit small suspended storage and mobile pedestal storage.

Maximize cohesion

Ambit Storage options fit over the leg or nest up against the shroud of Herman Miller height-adjustable tables, increasing visual harmony in front of and under the work surface.

Create a clean and organized space

Ambit Storage holds space for your essential items to keep your desk space tidy. A rim around the top edge helps keep small items in place with optional organizers, such as the Ambit Cork Tray.

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Slim and sleek profile

Ambit Storage boasts a slim profile. Its minimalist, narrow design with rounded edges leaves a small footprint and maximizes under-surface space.


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Ambit Workspace Solutions

A comprehensive offering of accessories designed to support the sit-to-stand working environment, offering solutions to elevate your workspace.

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Open, navy metal storage attached to laminate surface of desk with navy fabric wrapped screen.