Meridian Storage

Dark brown and white Meridian Storage lateral file and bookshelf configuration with collaborative surface and three white Magis Stool One stools.

Storage that evolves as your needs do

Meridian’s strength lies in its ability to evolve as an organization’s needs change. Its modular elements are attractive and versatile, allowing you to stack up, break down, and move around to create spaces where individuals and groups have the support to do their best work, both now and in the future.

Red and gray Meridian Storage components behind a white and brown Dalby Conference Table with six light brown Saiba Chairs.

Where form meets function

Meridian allows you to make storage decisions now, and in the future, thanks to interchangeable modules in a variety of sizes and configurations. Make it your own with a wide offering of paint, laminate, and veneer finishes—whether you want it to blend into your space or stand out.

Yellow Meridian Storage lateral file with storage lockers on top with a jacket, books and binders in one of the storage lockers.

A place for everything

With Meridian Storage, there’s something for everyone—a place for both work and personal items, mass and archival storage—and everything in-between. Multiple configurations and styles, from small storage like shelves and trays to larger wardrobes, lockers, and storage units, mean that you can mix and match based on your organization’s needs.

Blue and lime green Meridian Storage components, Headway Conference Table and OE1 Agile Walls in a collaborative setting, with a blue OE1 Micro Pack in the background.

Create defined spaces

Creatively combine Meridian Storage elements to shape defined spaces and pathways that allow people to focus and collaborate—all without having to make permanent changes in open offices. Options for wardrobes, lockers, storage units, and drawers—as well as mobility and power—add to Meridian's utility. The hardworking design means that it can even double as a seat, with cushion-topped options.


Meridian Storage Modular Design

ee how Meridian offers organizations multiple filing and storage possibilities, from open offices to private workstations. Create defined spaces for collaboration and focused work—and everything in between. Meridian Storage evolves as your needs do.

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Meridian Storage

Modular design that reconfigures in a snap


Dimensions, materials, details, and available options that make up Meridian Storage.

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