Reception area with Symbol Modular Seating, Lasso Stools and Pullman Chairs, and Aeron Chairs in the background.

Modern furniture that’s fundamentally versatile

Quietly vibrant and simply familiar, NaughtOne products serve as a blank canvas for their clients’ creativity to flourish. Regardless of how the furniture is customized to suit the needs at hand, the pieces are always thoughtful, considered, and desirable.

A man working on a laptop at a white Dalby table with 8 red Viv chairs around the table.

Durable and well-crafted

By distilling furniture to its essential nature, NaughtOne gives customers and designers a strong foundation for realizing their ideas. Every piece of furniture embodies good design—design that’s durable, well-crafted, and sustainable. Ready for any type of space, from the office to universities to hospitality and retail environments, the furniture is poised to endure time, trends, and use.

A lady sitting on Symbol Modular Seating, using a laptop.

A customer-first approach

NaughtOne focuses on the services that matter: transparent lead times, extended warranties, and clear communication. They manufacture their own products, all of which are 100 percent unique to the brand. When architects, designers, and clients come to NaughtOne, they won’t find unwelcomed surprises along the way.

Pink 2-seat Pullman Booth with oak legs and white MFMDF table top, with Hudson Coat Stand.

Sustainably designed and manufactured

NaughtOne has its own factories, giving it control of the manufacturing process so it can reuse and recycle materials wherever possible. This helps minimize waste and meet stringent European Union and global performance standards. In-house upholstery expertise enables NaughtOne to offer a variety of fabrics and finishes, including FSC-certified wood.

Reception area of Symbol Modular Seating with 2 Lasso stools and 2 Pullman Chairs.

Designed for performance

The modern office is a place to connect and collaborate with colleagues and clients alike. As the function of the workplace shifts, NaughtOne's furniture both supports and promotes these behaviors. Each product boasts inviting, rounded forms and a diverse selection of fabrics to choose from. The resulting warm, approachable furniture offers playful originality that naturally fosters collaboration and productivity.

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