Designed by George Nelson

Nelson Platform Bench

Light maple Nelson Platform Bench with ebonized wood legs, viewed from an angle.

A bench that carries weight

Originally launched in 1947, the Nelson Platform Bench is aesthetically pleasing and functionally frank—a place to take a seat, wherever called for, just as George Nelson intended.

A group of three Nelson Platform Benches with different bases and finishes.

Enduring design

Nelson was an architect before becoming a designer, and the bench’s rectilinear lines reflect his architectural sensibilities, as well as his insistence that a design should make an honest visual statement about an object’s purpose. It’s available in three lengths with polished chrome or ebonized wood legs.

A close up detail of the Nelson Platform Bench.

Outstanding craftsmanship

The bench’s flawless design is matched by close attention to detail in manufacturing. Solid wood slats that have been sorted into aesthetically pleasing combinations are assembled by hand and sealed with a clear-coat finish. The slats settle neatly into lap joints, making the bench as durable as it is arresting.

Maple Nelson Platform Bench with metal legs and cushion and items stacked on top, viewed from the front.

Spirited practicality

The aptly named platform bench earns its keep through functionality. It can be used as a foundation for the Basic Cabinet Series; a coffee table for books, laptops, and beverages; or a seat. Add a pillow or a Nelson Platform Bench Cushion to make the bench more comfortable.


Dimensions, materials, details, and available options that make up the Nelson Platform Bench.

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Product Designer George Nelson
Bold gray and red graphics in the shape of the Nelson Bench top, positioned to the left of an angled Nelson Bench image holding small decorative objects.

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