Designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Magis

Magis Chair First

Side-by-side black and white Magis Chair First plastic stacking chairs, viewed from the front.

The first 3-dimensional plastic chair

Black Magis Chair First plastic stacking chair, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Magis Chair First

The first entirely three-dimensional plastic chair, the Chair First is far from ordinary. Designer Stefano Giovannoni took the air-molding technology developed for the Air-Chair to the next level, creating a sophisticated, streamlined profile on a chair that is a single piece. Sturdy, durable, lightweight, stackable. Oh—and comfortable too.

The light weight and stackability make these chairs perfect for dining halls, cafés, patios, and decks. As happy outdoors as inside, Chair First is available in a variety of colors.

“I like being eclectic.”

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