All sorts of screens for all kinds of settings

Pari is a family of screens. Some versions are freestanding, others attach to surfaces or frames, all are tackable and share a frameless, thin profile. Their consistent details and complementary colors contribute to aesthetic continuity as they delineate space and provide privacy. Compatible with many Herman Miller products, Pari Screens work in settings across the office landscape. With Pari Screens, organizations can compress workstations and standardize on lower wall heights without sacrificing the privacy employees need so they can focus, or the boundary that creates personal space so they feel comfortable.

An open work environment anchored by Canvas Beam benching workstations with Pari privacy screens and white Sayl Chairs.


Pari represents a rethinking of the scale normally associated with boundary in office landscapes. Its tapered-edge profile and frameless design bring a lighter, leaner way to define space compared to panels. Available in a variety of heights and widths, Pari Screens provide full privacy for focused work, or they facilitate connection and encourage casual interaction, or a combination of both.


Pari Screens blend seamlessly with other Herman Miller workplace solutions. By providing a consistent aesthetic—through design details and color choices—they help unify a floorplate of multiple products. Pari Screens work particularly well with Canvas Office Landscape, Layout Studio, Renew Link, and freestanding tables.

Tackable Pari Screens provide privacy for a run of Canvas Dock workstations with gray Mirra 2 office chairs.
Surface-attached and frame-attached Pari Screens in shades of gray, pink, and red create boundaries in an open work area.


Pari Screens are easy to install. Most simply attach to surfaces or the furniture’s structure. Screens can be temporarily attached and easily moved at any time. And, freestanding Pari Screens can be moved at will. As your workplace adapts to accommodate change, you can easily reconfigure Pari Screens and add more.


This screen attaches to the center rail of the Canvas beam.

Close view of the connection between a Pari Screen and the center rail of a Canvas Beam work surface.
Two runs of Renew Link sit-to-stand work surfaces separated by blue Pari Screens and served by blue Mirra 2 Chairs.

Center channel-attached

On a Renew Link bench, this screen attaches both down the center spine of and on top of a gallery panel at the end of a run. On a Layout Studio bench, this screen attaches to the center channel, providing delineation in a benching environment.


This screen can be attached using the seam between work surfaces or at the end of a run. It works with Canvas Office Landscape, Action Office, Ethospace, Everywhere Tables, Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables, and Renew Link.

A light gray Pari Screen provides privacy by attaching to the seam between adjacent work surfaces.
Gray Pari Screens attached to the center rail of two Canvas Dock workstations with light gray Setu Chairs.


The dock-attached screen attaches to the center rail of the Canvas Dock-Based systems.


The frame-top screen attaches to metal rods that extend up through the top cap. The screen works on Canvas Wall-Based applications and sits flush with the standard or architectural top cap.

A red Pari Screen attached to the top of a Canvas Wall frame.
Light gray Pari freestanding screens provide the boundary for a sitting area featuring a Wireframe Sofa in a soft red shade.


Available in a variety of heights and widths, freestanding screens can be used to create settings across the floorplate, from individual workspaces to small spaces where groups can work together. They provide a consistent aesthetic across settings and work with any Herman Miller product.


The stanchion-infill screen fits under overheads and attaches to the center rail of the Canvas Dock using a bayonet. Because it is opaque, this screen provides complete separation. It works with Canvas Dock-Based.

Green tackable Pari Screens fit between the overhead and surface of a Canvas Dock workstation.
Close view of a storage-attached Pari Screen affixed to a Canvas low credenza.


Storage-attached screens are available in two options: single-sided or double-sided. In the single-sided option, the bracket attaches the screen to the back edge of the low credenza. In the double-sided version, the screen bracket attaches between two back-to-back credenzas, placing the screen in the middle, and thereby joining the credenzas together. The storage-attached screens work with Canvas low credenzas.


The Pari family has multiple surface-attached screen options that work with fixed-height or adjustable-height work surfaces. The screens provide privacy, or both privacy and modesty, allowing the worker to choose the amount of boundary they need. The surface-attached screens work with Canvas Office Landscape, Action Office, Ethospace, Layout Studio, Everywhere Tables, Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables, and Renew Link.

Close view of a green surface-attached Pari Screen affixed to a height-adjustable work surface.