Designed by by Brian Alexander

Personal Side Screen

Close-up view of the fabric on a blue Personal Side Screen.

Define your personal space

A gray fabric rectangular Personal Side Screen attached to a Layout Studio bench with a gray, flat-edge fabric, center privacy screen.

Personal Side Screen


Balancing openness with ownership, the Personal Side Screen provides people with an easy, attractive way to demarcate their individual work areas within a larger, shared work surface. With an attachment mechanism that works as intuitively as sliding a paperclip onto a stack of papers, the Personal Side Screen accommodates all edge profiles and common work surface thicknesses, from one inch to one and a quarter inches. The screen is tackable on both sides, and the clean, frameless design can be personalized through a variety of color options.


“If something is done right, it’s complete with the minimum amount of bits, but at the same time, it leaves itself open to growth—like a plant.”

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Product designer Brian Alexander at work in his studio.