Designed to take on tech.

A miniature 3D-printed model of a Headway conference tables with scissors and a spool of yarn next to it.

Most conference tables either have the right look or the right technology. But rarely both. We set out to change that. Headway's beautiful, purposeful design plays host to all the tech you want.

Designed for you. And for someone you've never met.

We spent months interviewing people who use conference tables to get Headway's design just right. We soon realized that a very important person often gets overlooked: the person who fits the table with technology. So we used human-centered design research methods to study the different ways IT teams get tech into tables.

A close-up view of colorful prototypes for cable clips to be use with Headway conference tables' cable trough.

Early cable management prototypes were developed from our observations of IT teams at work.

Customizable Tech Cut-Outs

No more nips or tucks.

We discovered that people are often forced to improvise rough cuts and saw extra holes into table surfaces and legs to make room for technology. This permanently damages the table, scarring its looks and altering its function. We obsessed over how to design a conference table that could accommodate tech while maintaining a pristine, seamless aesthetic.

A close-up view of a notebook containing sketches of prototypes for Headway conference table's design.

We sketched and prototyped concepts in search of a solution that would work with a wide range of tech made by different manufacturers.

Removable Tech Mounting Panels

Just plug and play.

To ensure a seamless look, we designed Headway around the technology it hosts. Just plug your tech in, no last-minute on-site modifications necessary.

A close-up view of Headway conference table's removable tech mounting panel with a Clickshare tech component attached.

Components attach to perforated, removable tech mounting panels that are designed to make integration easy.

Spacious Tech Cabinet Legs

Load it up.

Headway is designed to fit the tech you need now—plus the tech you'll want in the future. Its sleek yet spacious cabinet legs offer room to grow as tech evolves and your needs change.

A computer model of an early prototype of Headway conference table's cabinet leg.

We explored prototypes for a tech cabinet leg that would let tech teams add a wide range of components.

Wraparound Tech Camouflaging

Headway stays seamless.

Put in all the tech you want. Headway's design will keep things under wraps. Its wide, hollow legs and spanners accommodate all the cables needed to power a conference room and keep them hidden from view.

A close-up view of color prototypes for Headway conference table's cable trough.

Prototypes for tech curtains and "hammocks" that camouflage technology under Headway's work surface.

An office setting featuring a Headway conference table with a Y base surrounded by seven Cosm office chairs.

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