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Crafted for work and play using the same design philosophy as our interior pieces and prepped to withstand
the elements.
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Eames Tables Outdoor

Product Story

Because your outdoor spaces deserve the same quality of furniture as your interiors, we are pleased to offer the Eames Tables Outdoor. Suitable for terraces, patios or al fresco dining areas in both warm and cool climates, our range of tables offers a durable and sturdy solution wherever a surface is required. With a choice of round and square tables in a wide variety of sizes, surfaces and heights, you can find exactly the right weather-resistant table to suit your space and usage needs.

A Cut Above

The first step in creating the Eames Tables Outdoor was to choose a selection of stone finishes that would be durable and provide a natural complement to the existing design, while also contributing a unique character of their own.

We sourced our stone from four North American quarries and named them after their respective home states: Georgia White Marble, a luminescent stone from the same source that was used to create Daniel Chester French’s 1920 sculpture of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial; Georgia Grey Marble, a cloudy grey stone from the same location used in the 2004 renovation of New York’s Museum of Modern Art; Wisconsin Black Marble, a unique dark stone speckled with lustrous green and grey veins and Quebec Graphite Granite, a subtly patterned granite composed of deep hues used to rich effect in Chicago’s John Hancock Center.

Once extracted, two 1-cm-thick slabs of stone are cut to order with a bull-nosed edge and given an eggshell-like honed finish. Tops and bases are connected with a bolt that runs the length of the column to ensure strength and durability through years of use.

Eames Tables Outdoor

Built To Last

No matter which base you opt for, the simplicity of the Eames Tables Outdoor gives them a durability that’s apparent at first glance. Tops and bases are connected with a bolt that runs the length of the column to ensure strength and durability through years of use.

Design Story

The Eames Contract Base Table Outdoor is based on the original design for the outdoor tables designed for the Miller House and subsequently offered by Herman Miller as part of the Aluminium Group. The Contract Base features the sturdy and distinctive cast aluminium cruciform shape shared by the original Aluminium Group Chairs.

Never ones to treat their work as sacred, Charles and Ray Eames were continuously tinkering with, altering and improving on their furniture designs for Herman Miller over the decades that we collaborated (just compare a DCM from 1946 and 1973). In 1964, as an evolution of the cast aluminium legs developed for the chairs and tables in Alexander Girard’s La Fonda del Sol restaurant, they set about updating the base of the Aluminium Group Chair. Utilising the same vocabulary, they also created what we now call the Universal Base. It’s been in production ever since.

We re-engineered the Eames Table Outdoor to stand up to all types of weather, replacing parts that weren’t suitable for outdoor use, adding durable powder coatings and offering a selection of four North American stone tops. We’ll leave it up to you to choose from all possible iterations of base height and colour, and tabletop stone and shape.