Olive, 4SC07
1″ (2.5cm)
  • Details

    • Source: Herman Miller Textiles
    • Price Category: 1
    • Content: 100% post consumer recycled polyester, 26% ocean bound plastic
    • Finish: None
    • Backing: None
    • Width: 54"
    • Repeat: 7.09" width x 14.46" height
    • Weight: 12 ounce/square yard
    • Abrasion: Wyzenbeek, 200,000 double rubs
    • Lightfastness: Grade 4
    • Sustentabilidade: PFAS-Free Textile, PVC Free, Recycled Content, Ocean Bound or Reclaimed Content, SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, Targeted Chemical Elimination, No Prop 65 Warning, FR Free, LBC Red List Compliant
    • Origin: Canada
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