May 09, 2023

ZEELAND, MICH: Herman Miller introduces Ambit Workspace Solutions, a comprehensive set of new products designed to improve the modern office experience. A natural extension of Herman Miller’s portfolio of height-adjustable workspace solutions, this collection provides increased privacy, storage, and organization—accounting for the total user experience of sit-to-stand work surfaces.

The comprehensive Ambit collection consists of screens, suspended and pedestal storage options, vertical cable management, a cork storage tray, and table leg shrouds. Providing immediate enhancements, the accessories and storage solutions are designed to be compatible with new or existing height-adjustable worktables, including those currently offered by Herman Miller: Renew, Nevi, and Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables. The table leg shrouds are also compatible with Herman Miller Ubi work tools.

“In bringing this set of solutions to our contract customers, we’re addressing many of the pain points that can be experienced such as feeling exposed when standing at a table, feeling distracted in an open office environment, and having a lack of storage,” says Malisa Bryant, Senior Vice President of Product for Herman Miller. “From dimensions to functionality, every element of Ambit can be integrated together to create a holistic and tailored solution that increases focus, flexibility, and freedom for any height,” says Bryant.

Privacy for focused work
Screen attachments in a variety of configurations provide privacy from distractions without hindering sit-to-stand movement. A selection of materials and colors are available to create a beautiful look that complements the design of the office.

Storage for organized workspaces
Enhanced suspended and pedestal storage solutions provide easy access to personal items with fluid motion. Slim in profile, the storage options are designed to hold small or transient personal items to support hybrid workstyles and spaces. Pedestal storage options nest into the table leg to create a cleaner workspace and more leg room while a suspended storage option moves with the structure. The shroud privacy attachment offers additional storage for accessories using hooks and document holders.

To learn more about Ambit Workspace Solutions, visit the Herman Miller website or connect with a MillerKnoll dealer. Dealers can be found using the MillerKnoll dealer locator.

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