Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Ode Lamps

Three Ode Lamps—a white surface-integrated lamp, a black table lamp, and a white floor lamp.

Poetic in their simplicity, elevated in their attention to detail

A pool of diffused illumination

Product Details

A residential setting featuring Ode table and sofa lamps, along with a Noguchi Rudder Table and salmon-colored Wireframe Sofa.

Clean, organic form for a universal appeal

Design Story

A white Ode floor lamp next to a salmon-colored Wireframe Sofa.
Four white Ode Lamps and two black Ode Lamps, including table, sofa, standing-height, and surface-integrated models.


Available in table, sofa-, or standing-height models, Ode Lamps offer a solution for a variety of settings.