Flo Monitor Arms

Profile view of a monitor attached to a fully extended Flo Monitor Arm.

Perfect monitor placement for every person, place, and posture

A universal solution for ergonomic monitor support

Product Details

Rear view of side-by-side monitors supported by a Flo Dual Monitor Arm that's attached to a desk.
Profile view of a monitor attached to a fully extended Flo Monitor Arm.

Effortless adjustment for your monitor

The fluid, dynamic movement of Flo monitor arms lets you adjust the position of your monitor with minimum effort and maximum precision—then keep the screen exactly where you need it without taking the time to tighten it. Patented technology gives you a large range of motion and quick, intuitive fingertip control, offering the perfect position to support everyone’s eyes, even people with progressive lenses.

Profile view of an adjustable Flo Monitor Arm in three different positions.

Innovative features, patented performance

Flo’s patented geometric spring technology and dynamic fingertip control provide an unmatched range and ease of movement up, down, forward, backward, tilted, and rotated to suit your needs.

A cutaway view of a Flo Monitor Arm, showing the patented geometric spring technology inside.

Smooth and balanced

The self-balancing D-ring ensures stability in either portrait or landscape orientation. A built-in weight gauge and counterbalance adjustment lets you set the tension to work smoothly with any device, and an integrated three-point cable management system keeps cables neatly out of sight.


Designed to be shared, touched, and used dynamically

Design Story

A front view of a black monitor attached to a Flo Monitor Arm on a desktop, including the optional Tool-less adjuster.