Designed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub

Striad Sofas

A high-back Striad Sofa in cream.

Intentionally varied to deliver privacy or encourage collaboration

Designed to deliver the individual comfort of a lounge chair with the versatility of a modular seating system, Striad Sofas support the evolving nature of work today. Their layered construction achieves the ideal mix of structure and premium comfort. Options include a high-back for greater privacy and a low-back to foster collaboration.

A high-back Striad Sofa in cream, side view.

Dynamic Duo

Use Striad High-Back Sofas together to delineate space and offer privacy in open floor plans. Available in a generously-sized two-seat configuration, Striad High-Back brings on-demand comfort to contemporary settings.

A detail image of a Striad Low-Back Sofa with Three-Seats in tan.

Take Comfort

Deep-set, dual-density foam cushions offer optimal comfort and support.

A Striad Modular Three-Seat Sofa with corner in dark blue.

Versatility Built In

Customize your space with Striad. Add inside curves or corner units to turn the two- or three-seat low-back sofa into a sectional configuration.

A line drawing of the Striad High Back Two and A Half-Seat Sofa


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Meet the Family

Bring the warmth and comfort of home to your workplace with the Striad family of seating and tables.

Low-back, mid-back, and high-back Striad lounge chairs upholstered in gray textiles line up, accompanied by a Striad Table and a Striad Ottoman.

“Function brings its own aesthetic, and that has a high outcome.”

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