Shaped around the way people work

Supporting the body as it moves is a concept we defined and designed into every one of our work chairs. Now we’re taking health-positive movement to a new level with the Renew Sit-to-Stand Table. It makes moving from sitting to standing—and back again—a natural part of the workday. Combined with a great chair, it provides a full range of supported movement to help people stay more active and healthier while working.

A healthier way to work

Our bodies aren’t designed to stay in one position. We were made to move. But between sitting and sleeping, most Americans are sedentary for around 21 hours a day. Research shows links between sedentary lifestyles and a higher risk of diabetes, some cancers, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. But the Renew Sit-to-Stand Table makes it easier to change positions throughout the day.

A man works on a computer while standing at a rectangular Renew Sit-to-Stand Table.
Close-up of the paddle-shaped switch used to adjust the height of Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables.

Intuitive movement

Renew lets people enjoy all the perks of healthy movement without disrupting their thoughts or their technology. A soft, paddle-shaped switch works exactly as expected, moving up to raise the table and down to lower it—an idea so sensible that it can be used without looking or even thinking about it. A range of adjustments let each person choose the perfect sitting or standing height, or share a space without compromising on comfort.

The underside of a Renew Sit-to-Stand Table, showing the cord trough in open position.

Integrated cord management

Renew’s seamless design routes cords neatly through the legs and into a trough below the table, keeping them easily accessible but cleanly out of sight. Need to update technology? There’s no need to crawl on the floor. Just raise the table and reach underneath. This simple system powers all the tools needed for working, while eliminating visual chaos from every angle.

An office featuring an oval Renew Sit-to-Stand Table, black Eames Aluminum Group Chair, and white Eames Molded Plastic Armchair.

Responsible design

Renew’s height adjustment system sips electricity, using less energy than a cell phone charger left plugged into the wall—and the optional counterweight mechanism uses no electricity at all. It’s designed to ship in just two boxes, minimizing space during transportation and reducing packaging waste.

Person-centered design

Every part of Renew was thoughtfully considered from the point of view of the person using it and the people sitting or standing nearby. Softly angled corners underneath prevent bumps and bruises. Slim-profile legs give room to move. A top-to-bottom design looks presentable from all angles, even when the table is raised. And a design that integrates easily helps create a dynamic, supportive place to work.

A view of the underside of a Renew Sit-to-Stand Table, showing the slim legs and uncluttered design.

Natural part of the office

Renew works in all the places that people do. Use it in a private office, collaborative spaces, integrated with system furniture, or in an open office. It even works in a conference room, giving the freedom to hold efficient stand-up meetings or stay fresh by making healthy movement a part of the agenda.

A Renew Sit-to-Stand Table integrated into a cluster of four workpoints with black Aeron office chairs.