Products by Tim Wallace

Having realised at 18 that following his dream to be a guitarist in a rock band might be “a bit tricky”, Tim Wallace chose instead to pursue a slightly steadier career in design. Following his education at Middlesex University and the Royal College of Art, he has built an international reputation as one of the leading designers of office and healthcare furniture. 

After completing a Master’s Degree at the Royal College of Art, Wallace spent more than a decade gaining experience working with companies in the UK, Europe, China and the United States. In 1996, Wallace established Tim Wallace Design, and since then he has developed a strong international client list and a range of products unprecedented in their success. His designs are produced throughout the world and include award-winning products such as Abak Environments for Herman Miller.

“I like to gather information and learn about the issues from as many sources as possible.”

– Tim Wallace

Working with many different cultures has been the catalyst for Wallace’s love of exploring, which has served him well as a designer. Wallace believes that “new solutions are rarely obvious, but if you have a good grasp of what’s involved, you significantly increase your chances of solving the problem well. To do that you must look at the problem from perspectives other than your own.”

Wallace explains further: “It’s very easy to get seduced by some nice little sketch, but the image of a product is often the final part of the process.” If you start this too early, you might miss an opportunity to discover something new”.