Products by Vincent Van Duysen

A balance of form and proportion, without omitting durability, function and comfort, is critical to Van Duysen’s design process. His use of pure and tactile materials results in clear and timeless design – an architectural language which is not shy of aesthetics, but resists fashion and trends. Van Duysen embraces these emotional aspects to celebrate “the art of living”.

Vincent Van Duysen was born in Lokeren, Belgium, in 1962, and undertook a degree in Architecture at the Higher Institute of Architecture Sint-Lucas, Ghent. Between 1986 and 1987 Van Duysen worked in Milan, collaborating with Aldo Cibic at the studio Sottsass Associati. By 1990, Van Duysen had returned to Antwerp and opened his studio specialising in architecture and interiors.

“I really wanted to find the right balance between me as an architect and dealing with space and light and then bringing in that human touch through the use of beautiful, natural materials.”

- Vincent Van Duysen

A strong relationship exists between Van Duysen’s designs and his architectural projects. He chooses to develop furniture and objects from an architectural perspective, creating spatial relations rather than shapes. Rescaled interpretations of his architectural work, Van Duysen’s furniture pieces provide a sense of purity and essentialism, yet remain tactile and grounded. Subsequently, many of his designs refer to essential forms, tradition, or well-known masterpieces which Van Duysen redefines through a contemporary lens.

Van Duysen’s work has been published widely. An inaugural monograph was published by the Spanish GG Editions in 2001. In 2010, Thames & Hudson published a monograph, Complete Works, which focuses on Van Duysen’s multidisciplinary approach, considering architecture, interior architecture and design in equal measure. In 2013 the office was approached by Portuguese publisher A.MAG to release an edition of selected works. Japanese magazine A+U completed a similar project in 2016.