Jaw CPU Holder

A silver CPU secured with an aluminum clamp and attached to the underside of a work surface.

Allows the CPU to floatunder the desk surface

A silver CPU secured with an aluminum clamp seems to float beneath a work surface.

Jaw CPU Holder


The design of Jaw allows it to ’float’ under the desk surface for improved aesthetics. The clamping function of the aluminium body grips tightly to the top and bottom of the CPU to secure it in place.

  • Made from high-quality aluminium for durability and strength.
  • Using a slide-and-rotate kit, the support can be easily moved back and forth for increased leg space.
  • Holds CPU of up to 25 kgs and ranging from 29 to 51 cms high and 9 to 24 cms wide.
  • Designed by Colebrook Bosson Saunders Ltd.
  • 90 per cent recyclable