Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick

Aeron Stool

Aeron with ocean-bound plastic is now available in Onyx, Mineral, Carbon and Graphite.

An Aeron Stool on a white background with a 5-star base and ergonomic back support, viewed at an angle.

Making the best, better for Earth

Exact same chair, just a little more sustainable.


We updated the Aeron Chair, adding ocean-bound plastic to the body – all without compromising what makes it the best work chair on Earth.


Aeron Chair ocean-bound plastic video

Aeron has always been sustainable, designed with less material for more performance. And now it's made with ocean-bound plastic. See how we added this plastic waste.

A pioneering design moves forward

Ergonomic to the core, Aeron was designed for a wide range of body types, thanks to the extensive research from designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick nearly 30 years ago. Its launch was pioneering in the office furniture industry – and it still is, thanks to updated research and material innovation, including the addition of ocean-bound plastic to the body of the chair. We've always known Aeron is good for our bodies – now it’s just as good for our environment too. 

Light grey Aeron Stool, viewed from the back at a 45-degree angle

Where comfort meets support

The Aeron Stool takes our benchmark for ergonomic seating to new heights, pairing with higher work surfaces, tables and countertops. Since its launch, Herman Miller has learned a lot about how to best support people – and their postures – during the workday. Aeron offers smarter weight distribution through 8Z Pellicle, an adjustable PostureFit SL for total spinal support, and balanced recline and natural movement thanks to Harmonic 2 Tilt.

A close-up view of the adjustment options on a black Aeron Stool.

Sustainable from the start

Aeron’s legacy of sustainability and innovation continues since its introduction nearly 30 years ago. It proved pioneering in both ergonomics and material innovation, without relying on the standard use of foam, fabric, or leather found in most office chairs at the time. Aeron is composed of more than 50 percent recycled material, including ocean-bound plastic.

A line drawing of an Aeron Stool.

Designed for the elements

Aeron is available in a palette of four meticulously curated material expressions centred on elements pulled from the earth. Onyx is a dramatic ultra-black shade intended to modernise Aeron. Graphite is a distinctive dark grey, with a classic textured finish. Carbon offers a balanced neutral that works equally well in warm and cool environments. Mineral is the lightest, ideal for open floor plans. Each component of the chair was thoughtfully designed, creating a fundamentally harmonious colour palette.

Detailed view of the Aeron Stool footrest.

Greater heights

The Aeron Stool offers user benefits not typically found in performance work stools: the footrest platform is three times wider than the typical footring and was designed to provide a large, comfortable area to support your feet. This reduces the pressure and resulting discomfort that’s usually created with a smaller footring. When you adjust the seat height, the footrest moves with the seat, so you don’t have to worry about having to readjust the footrest height as well. Treads along the footrest also ensure that getting in and out of the stool feels comfortable and easy.

Made with ocean-bound plastic

Exact same chair, now made with ocean-bound plastic.

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Meet the family

Our Aeron line-up includes four colours inspired by the elements, three sizes and two stool heights – something for nearly everyone.

Four Aeron Chairs in four colours, and one Aeron stool.