Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

OE1 Personal Hoodie

Grey OE1 Personal Hoodie viewed from a front angle.

Enhances focus in open spaces

The OE1 Personal Hoodie is a soft, portable tabletop boundary that improves privacy, reduces glare and personal distraction, and signals unavailability. When you’re not using them, stack the hoodies together for easy storage and transport.

Open-plan office with an OE1 Communal Table, OE1 Agile Walls, OE1 Mobile Easel, and Chadwick Sofa.

Protect your focus and privacy

Establish a personal boundary around your workspace with the OE1 Personal Hoodie. The design allows you to shield your work from passersby and decrease distractions by signaling to others that you’re doing focused work that requires concentration.

Detail of a blue OE1 Personal Hoodie with laptop and notepad on a white table, viewed from a front angle.

Take it with you

Do your work anywhere and maintain privacy with help from this hoodie. In addition to providing a sense of boundary, the personal hoodie reduces glare from bright lights or the sun when you take your work outside.

Grey OE1 Personal Hoodie, viewed from a front angle.

Recycle with ease

Make your workplace more sustainable with a design made from 60 percent recycled plastic bottles. The OE1 Personal Hoodie is also 100 percent recyclable, so it won’t end up in a landfill.


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The OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 is optimised essentials for agility. Designed to help people experiment with space, and change rapidly for the future.

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Design Story

While designing OE1, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin deconstructed the traditional systems approach to office furniture. In the process, they created an agile collection that’s ready for action in a changing world of work.

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